Tim Froelich

President | Principal In Charge

Cal Poly College of Architecture’s graduates know how to see concepts through to completion, how to think analytically, and how to synthesize interdisciplinary design principles. Tim’s education was forged in this den of artistry and technical acumen.  At first, he reveled in his creative side and thought he’d become an architect. He loved the craft of creating buildings from the spark of an idea. But his fascination for how buildings were precisely put together won out and Tim turned his attention to engineering instead.

A structural engineer with intimate knowledge and experience with the conceptual and schematic design phases makes Tim an essential team member. He appreciates the skill and inspiration that went into each design and Tim’s 3-dimensional perspective produces solutions that bridge the architectural intent with constructability.  Tim is most inspired by joining the process early on when his 30 years of professional experience and technical expertise can benefit the overall project approach. His sociable personality makes Tim a favorite client contact, and he closely manages his projects, monitoring schedule, cost effectiveness and ease of construction.  Tim steers the firm with a belief in going the extra mile for clients and providing service beyond the contract.

Tim’s jovial nature, values of exceptional service and strong design talent give rise to repeat clients and true friendships that continue long after the project is over. Tim’s hearty laugh is his trademark and it’s heard daily throughout the office setting a positive tone for everyone within earshot.  Family comes first for Tim, and his innate gift for relationship building have created enduring family ties.

BS, Architectural Engineering
California Polytechnic State,
San Luis Obispo, California

Professional Registrations:
25 Additional States

National Society of Professional Engineers
National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying
Structural Engineers Association of Oregon, SEAO
American Institute of Steel Construction